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This week I thought I would do something a bit different than my normal weekly blog post.   While I think those are great my real emphasis is to help you get your side hustle up and running and earning extra income even if it’s just a few hundred extra dollars a month.

As a result I’ve decided to offer 3 free 20 minute coaching calls to those who are looking to up their game.

Why am I doing this you might ask? The reason is simple, I want to help you.   I know what it’s like just getting started and trying to earn those first few dollars.  I’ve been doing various side hustles since 2004 and I’ve learned a lot since then.

I also have a secondary goal and that is to learn more about the problems you face to get started as a side hustler as a result I’ll be asking you a few questions of my own.

However I do have a few requirements (don’t worry it’s nothing to hard) that I am looking for.


  • Skype.  First off the call will be conducted over Skype and I will be recording the calls which I will give you back in the end so you don’t have to worry about taking all kinds of notes while we’re chatting.
  • Beginners.  I’m also looking for those of you who are just getting started or who have recently started your first side hustle.  My intent here is to focus on beginners only.
  • Questions.  During the coaching call you will be able to ask 2 to 3 questions.  To speed things up you’ll want to have these 3 questions ready before we get on the call.
  • Input.  At the end of the call I’ll be asking you 3 questions as well.  Don’t worry these questions are anything to tough.  My goal here to learn more about you and your situation so I can provide future content and products.


Coaching Call Outline

To give you a better idea of how the coaching call will go I’ve included a short outline of what will go on.  Also make sure you set aside 30+minute just in case we go over our expected time limit.

  • Introduction.  In this section I ask you to introduce yourself and ask what kind of side hustle you have started or are thinking about starting just to help me get familiar with what you do.
  • Your Questions.  Next we’ll dive into your questions and help answer them right on the call.
  • My Questions.  Once we’ve covered your questions we’ll jump into my 3 questions to help me learn more about you.
  • Wrap Up.  Finally we’ll wrap things up and once the call has finished I’ll send you the recording in the next couple of days.


Do You Want a Free Coaching Call?

So do you want a free 20 minute coaching call?  Normally I would charge around $50 for this kind of call so jump on the chance because it’s first come first serve and once the spots are gone that’s it.

If so take a moment and fill out the contact form below. All you need to do is include your name, email, and a small paragraph letting me know you are interested in the coaching call.