Hello and welcome to my November 2016 monthly earnings update!

If you’re not familiar with my updates, this is where I recap the month and share all of the behind the scene moments including what I earned for the month.

You can check out all of my previous monthly updates by clicking here.

I hope you had a prosperous month, whether that was earning your first dollar, deciding on what kind of side hustle you want to start, or finding your first client.

It felt like November went by so fast and that I didn’t have much time to get the things done I wanted to. So with that said here’s what all went on in November 2016.


What all Went on in November 2016

So here’s what I’ve been up to all month.


First off, I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  It’s this time of the year I’m always thankful for so many things in my life from my family, friends, and even you because the truth is I couldn’t do any of this without you.

I was also able to take a little extra time off around Thanksgiving and this year and take my my kids to see the new Disney movie Moana.  I think that’s one of the things I like most about the holidays is that it allows me to spend more time with my family.

After all that’s why I do all of this.


Adsense Ban

Moving on to more serious things this month I got a little scare when I recieved an email from Google telling me that I needed to make some changes to my Adsense account or I would face the risk of being banned.

When I first received this email my heart literally skipped a beat.  However after I reviewed the email and watched a short video I realized what the problem was.

When it comes to Adsense your ads you never push your ads to push your content down page at the very beginning of your article.  This wasn’t a problem when people were looking at my site on a laptop or desktop.

However if you were looking at this site through a mobile device it was obvious that it was pushing the content at the top of the articles down to show the ad.

The good news is that it only took me a few minutes to correct the issue and everything is pretty much back to normal.


Content for November

I also put out a bunch of content in the month of November as well.  Below is a list the content I published over the last month…

If you find any of these articles help check them out.


Working on My New Email Strategy

I’ve also been working hard on my new email strategy as well.  If you are part of my mailing list you may have noticed that I send out a weekly email on Tuesday mornings.

That’s just the beginning of it, I’m also working on creating a new opt in offer,  and I’m also currently going through Amy Porterfields course List Builder Lab.

Her course has been so helpful and I’ve learned so much in the little time I’ve been in it.  If I haven’t said this before courses are one of the best ways to get ahead in your business when you don’t understand or know a topic.

I’ve learned so much about email things will never be the same again.

One final area when it comes to my email that I’ve also been working on is learning more about workflow automations with GetResponse.  Workflow automations allows you to create a path for your email subscribers and lead the most interested subscribers toward exatly what they’re looking for.

Think of it kind of like a choose your own adventure story.  Basiclly it gives people who join my mailing list the ability to move towards the things that excite them more.

If  you can’t tell I’m huge geek when it comes to this kind of stuff.  At some point I plan to do some videos on this once I get things set up so I can show you the true power behind workflow automations.


Upgrading Side Hustle Academy Monthly Reading and a New App

Finally,  in November I started reading a book called Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins.  This is actually a fairly old book that came out in the early 90’s but it is so good.  I can’t recommend this book enough.

Also as a part of reading Tony’s book I downloaded his new app called Breakthrough. It’s a free app that gives away a ton great content for free.  So if you’re someone looking to bust out of your current situation and move to the next level in your life you might find this helpful.


How Much Did I Earn in November 2016

This month has been another stellar month.  Check out my earning below.


  • Sponsored Post. $688.21  My sponsored articles are number 1 this week again.  However they are down a little over last month.  I expect this trend to continue through December due to the holiday session.
  • Google Adsense. $78.77  One great thing about this month is that my Google Adsense earning are up by 27% this month over last month.  However I don’t expect this to stay as high in  December again due to the holidays.
  • Affiliate Income. $0  Finally, as you may have noticed my affiliate earnings have fallen flat for the 3 month in a row.  However one thing I should note here is that it takes a lot of time to see some results from your affiliate marketing efforts.

In total for the month of November I earned $766.98.  Another great month in the books.


The one great thing about this month is that my expenses were low and that’s always a huge plus.

  • Hostgator.  $11.95  To start I had to pay my monthly hosting bill and Hostgator has been doing a great job for me.
  • GetResponse. $15  GetResponse is the email program I use to send out weekly emails to my list and I’ve been learning a lot about email lately, in fact I’m currently learning more about how to do automation workflows which is pretty interesting.

In total I’ve spent $26.95 for the month of November.

Net Income

Finally, to wrap things up lets see just how much money I actually got to keep.

  • Total Income $766.98
  • Total Expense $26. 95

Total November Net Income is $740.03!

I couldn’t be happier with this months income but at the  same time I still need to look at improving things and growing my business.



Moving on, it’s time to look at my monthly goals and reassess some things.

Reviewing My Goals From November 2016

Last month I set 3 goals form myself,  the first was to create my new opt in offer.  Unfortunately I was not able to get this done because I just ran short on time for the month and before I knew it Thanksgiving was here.  I plan to work on this in December and hopefully get it finished before the first of the year.

My second goal was to decide on a new site design and theme and after several themes I decided to go with Thrive Themes.  The great thing about this theme is that it has all the features I’m looking for in one place instead of combining a bunch of services together this will allow me to simplify things.

My final goal for last month was to outsource 3 articles for one of my other blogs.  I like the idea of outsourcing content but in the end this goal just didn’t align with what I want to achieve right now.  So I decided to scrap this idea for now and focus on more important things, mainly this site.

My Goals for December 2016

Now that I’ve reviewed my goals for November I decided to make a few changes for December.

  • Goal #1: Launch My Annual Survey.  First I will be launching my annual survey at the end of the month.  At the beginning of every year I do a survey to learn more about you and the things that are important you when it comes to your side hustle.  So be on the lookout for that in the coming weeks.
  • Goal #2: Create My New Lead Magnet.  Second I plan to get my new lead magnet put together for Side Hustle Academy.  I’ve got the basic outline of it together right now and plan to have it done shortly.
  • Goal #3: Third, I plan to start Upgrading Side Hustle Academy.  I going to purchase Thrive Themes and start redesigning this site from the ground up.  My goal is to get a more user friendly site that’s easier on the eyes.  I’ll be talking about this more once I upgrade the site.

Wrapping Up

Well that wraps up another monthly earnings update.  I hope you’ve found this as helpful as I have.  What have you found helpful about this months report?  

Personally I’m doing these reports to hold me accountable, be more transparent with you about what I’m doing, and finally share all the things I do behind the scenes when it comes to my business.

So take a moment and let me know what you think about this update.  Do you like reading them, or don’t you like them much?  Share your thoughts below in the comments.