I hope everyone had an awesome September and a profitable one at that.

This month I’ve decided to try something a bit different and do a monthly earnings update to share what’s all going on with me, what I’m earning as a side hustler myself, and to also give you a behind the scenes look at how things work for me.

I also want to show that things are perfect for me either.  In fact face a wide array of challenges from family things, my job, to my online side business.

In the end my goal here is to give you the confidence to move forward with your side business and show that you can earn a decent income on the side as well.


What all Went on in September 2016

Ending a Busy Summer

Well the end of summer is finally coming to a close and starting to slow down.  I find the summer months to be the hardest for me to get things down with so much going on.

My kids keep me active with all kinds of things going on from school, soccer games, and even Cub Scouts.  If you have kids you know how hard it can be to juggle all of these things and still keep my side business running smoothly.

I feel this is half the reason I haven’t been able to get content out on a consistent basis for my blog but I’m working on changing that.

One thing I’m looking at doing is batching blog post once per month and writing 5 to 6 articles over a weeks time and then scheduling them out one per week.

This means one of those 5 weeks will be dedicated towards creating content for this blog and the rest of my time can be put towards working on a new course or anything else I need to get done.

The thing is I’ve really neglected my time here and need to get better at.  So I’ll be sharing more on that in the months to come.

Looking Into Membership Programs

One area of my business I’ve been looking into was starting a membership program.  I’ve been learning a a lot about them from everything that’s involved, the cost, the software, and even the time involved.

I plan to share an article more about starting a membership program this month because this may be something you could benefit from.

In the end though it just comes down to time and I just think I don’t have enough time to put towards it to make it something great.

Maybe in the future I’ll revisit the idea but for now I’m going to hold off until I know it’s something I can fully dedicate myself to.

Creating My First Course

On the other hand though I’ve been also researching the idea of creating my first digital course still.  In I even did a pre-sale on my first course back several months ago which can learn more about here.

My first course didn’t do so well mostly because I didn’t execute on a few things correctly.  However I’ve been looking at what I didn’t do so well on and I’m currently putting my first course together.

I don’t want to give any details as of yet but I plan to do that in Octobers monthly update.  So be on the lookout for that next month.

BTW – I plan to release the course on Teachable which is a great platform to work with.  I’ve looked at other platforms suck as Udemy but Teachable seems to be a much better option.  I did a complete review of both platforms which you can read in this article.


How Much Did I Earn in September 2016

Below is my exact earnings for this month.  Again I do this to be more transparent with you and also show that earning an extra income like this online is very possible.

So how much did I earn in September 2016…

  • Sponsored Post – $559.47  Sponsored post are articles that I place on other sites that I own. Their kind of like advertisements in an article form.
  • Google Adsense  – $47.24  Currently my Adsense earnings are a bit low and I’m looking at doing more to build up my earnings again with them.  I think they’tr a great way to earn a nice little passive income on the side.
  • Affiliate Earnings  – $0 I have a few affiliate programs that I work with but I don’t always earn income with them every month.  I would like to build this up in the future right but it hasn’t been a big focus for my as of right now.

Total Earning for September 2016 comes to $606.71

Total Expenses for September 2016

Below are all of my expenses for the month.  I prefer to keep my expenses as low as possible as I’m building things up that way I can maximize my earnings for the month.

  • Hostgator Hosting – $11.95  This is my monthly hosting cost.  Currently I use shared hosting but I’ve often considered on changing things up and moving up to something a little better like a virtual private server (VPS Hosting).
  • OptimizePress – $39.00  OptimizePress is a great solution for creating nice looking landing pages and helping you build your mailing list.  This payment is so I can receive annual support and so I can also download the latest version of the software.

Total Expenses for September 2016 are $50.95

Total Net Profit September 2016

For September 2016 my total net profit is $555.76

Overall I feel this has been a great month for me. I’m not earning a super big income but who wouldn’t want an extra $500 to $600 a month.   For me it makes a big difference and I’m betting it could for you as well.

I can invest a portion of it back into my business to help grow it and  I can also use some of it for my family to do things we normally would not have been able to do.

Well that wraps up my first monthly update and hope you’ve found this useful.  If you have found it helping please let me know by leaving a comment below, I would be grateful for your feedback.

If you have any other questions about what I’ve shared above feel free to ask me below and maybe this can help you get on track to earn an income like this too.


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