The #1 Thing You Must Do In The Beginning As A Side Hustler

Over the years as I look back to the very first side hustle I ever started all the way up to today’s current side hustle I found one thing I wish I would have done when I was just starting out.

This one thing would have changed everything for me but at that time there was nobody to help direct me down the right path.  I had to use my best judgment, however fortunately for you, you get to benefit from my years of experience.

So any guesses as to what this one thing is that you must do in the beginning as a side hustler?

Ok, I won’t drag this out any longer, HAHA!

The #1 thing you must do is see how fast you can earn money.

Why Earn Money Fast

Seeing how fast you can make a buck with your is the quickest way to see if your side hustle works, and once you know that something works you’ll know that you are on the right path.

When I started my first blog it took me over a year till I made my first income online and that was just entirely way to long.  I almost quit a million times before I earned that first check and somehow I managed not to give up.

Contrast that to today and things are much different.  Currently I’m working on a new side hustle creating my first online course.  My goal is to see how fast I can make money from it but I’m not just creating it for the money.

I also want to learn how to create a course and what all goes into to it from the tools to the technology.  On top of that, to speed the process up I’m using the Udemy platform to help bypass some of the larger issues such as payment processors to hosting the product on my own site.

If you want to learn more about this platform or some of the other platforms I recommend getting started on click here.

What’s great about Udemy is that it’s doing the heavy lifting for me while I learn and test my idea.  This way I can speed up the process and see what works and what does not work.

Other Benefits To Earning Money Fast

Now that I’ve shared the why behind this I also want share some other side benefits that come from this.

Destroys Fear

First off,  when you earn a few bucks from offering a service or selling a product it does a lot get rid of the fears you might be facing.  I had many fears when first starting out from worrying what others might think to the fear of failure.

Once I started earning checks my family and friends began to accept what I did.  It also proved to me that I can do this.  Earning that first dollar online is an amazing feeling and it has given me a lot of confidence to branch out towards other things.

Gets Rid Of The I Quit Mentality

Once you earn that first dollar online it also gets rid of that I Quit Mentality a lot faster.  I remember after running my first blog online for a year it got really frustrating.

I wasn’t making any money, I had about 30 visitors a day coming to my website, and worst of all I had no idea what to do.  At that time everyone was telling me just keep writing and eventually the traffic will come.

That was bad advice at the time but that was all I knew and for a split second I thought about quitting but I realized that if I do quit I’ll likely never get any further ahead in life, so I kept on pushing.

Since then I’ve managed to earn on average of $500 to $1000 a month all because I did not quit.

Shows Others That What You Do Does Work

Finally, it shows others that this does work.  I’ll be honest my spouse did not have a lot of confidence in this business from the beginning but now that she sees me making income every month it makes a big difference.

Since then she has been a whole lot more supportive and even gone as far to come with me to conferences.  That in itself makes me happy, because my family is the whole reason I do this business.

Sure I want to make money and all like most of you do but my family means the world to me and it even means more that I have their support.

Are You Having Trouble Getting Started?

Are you having a tough time getting your side hustle off the ground or even choosing what you want to do?

My goal is to help you do what I’ve been able to do for my family and that all starts with picking your side hustle niche, so grab the checklist now and you’ll be on the path to changing your future.


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