Uber vs Lyft – Who Should You Drive For? (Comparison Chart)

Do you want to get into ridesharing to make a little extra money?

Ridesharing has become a big deal in the last few years and a great way to earn some quick money starting out. You don’t need a fancy website, an email list, or even your own product.

All you need is a car, an app, and some free time and you’re ready to go. Now I know I made it sound simpler than it really is but it’s still one of the fastest ways I know of to start earning money today.

In fact, Uber claims you can get started in as little as a few minutes.

Who Should You Drive For? Uber vs Lyft

As you’re getting started you might be wonder which company should you drive for, after all they all have different perks and features that make them different.

To help you make this decision I’ve put together a handy little chart that compares Uber vs Lyft to help you make a more informed decision.

Side Note:  I thought I should  mention that I’ve never driven for Uber or Lyft but I have considered the idea which is the reason for putting this article together.  The problem for me is that I live in a very rural area and I don’t know if it would be worth my time.

Below is the complete chart to help you decide who you should drive for.  At the end of the article I’ll share my thoughts on who you should go with.

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Who Should You Drive For?

In the end both companies look very attractive and they both have their ups and downs.  My recommendation would be to actually try both.  The benefit to doing this is that it will give you a bigger pool of people to drive for.

I’ve found several articles saying that Uber pays a little less as they’ve cut down their rates and that Lyft will pay better.  The problem I have with that information is that it all depends on your location as well.

If you’re located in a bigger city like New York you’re going to make some decent money because your service is going to be in high demand but if you live in rural area you might have a tougher time finding people who want a ride.

Side Note: If you’re brand new to ridesharing like me, then I suggest starting simple and just doing a few rides to get a better understanding of how things work.

Finally, just to give you a different point of view if you talk to my friend Harry Campbell he believes you should start with Lyft first and sign up for Uber second.  He has an entire article that covers why he suggest this here .

So when it comes down to it try out both companies and see which works better for you.



Below are a list of the sites I referenced in this article to help come up with the data in the chart.






How far can you go in a Lyft? What’s the maximum ride distance?

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