11 Side Hustles You Can Start Even if You Have No Profitable Skills

In last week’s article, I gave you 5 tips to start a side hustle even if you have no profitable skills, in this week’s article I’m going to share with you several side hustles that fall into this category.

Just to be upfront though whether you have no skill or not the important thing here is that you take action with the ideas I’m going to share with you.

All of this info is great but if you don’t take action with it you’re going to be wasting your time.  I know this may bit harsh but I want the best for you and I want you to get out there and get your side hustle up and running.

So are you ready to start your first side hustle?  If so let’s do this.

#1  Start a Blog and Advertise on it

The first opportunity I’m going to suggest is to start a blog.  This is exactly what I did when I was first getting started.  I didn’t know what I was going to talk about so I chose personal finance.

I talked about saving money, paying off debt, and even documented exactly what I did when I built my first house.  The great thing about blogging is there are a million and one things you can talk about.

When it came to making money with my blog I just put AdSense on it.  Now I am going to be completely honest here and say it took me just over a year until I earned my first $100 in a month from this but the time I put in was well worth it.

A year after that I was making $1000 a month all from just writing content on my blog and placing a few ads on it.

Try it:  If you’re not sure where to start you can:

  • Brainstorm a few topics that you would like to talk about and just start writing about them.
  • Look to see if you get engagement from your audience over time and then monetize it with Adsense

#2 Offer One-on-One Coaching with a Twist

Second, on the list is to do one on one coaching but with a little added twist.  Now you might be thinking I don’t have any skills to do that, WRONG!

To do this all you need to know is one specific thing you can teach people.  For example, maybe you want to teach people how to upgrade their WordPress software.

To do that simply find a course on Udemy or a how-to article on the internet that teaches you how to do that and learn just that one skill.

Then using either your own website or Fiverr.com offer your service for sale.

Try it:  Pick a topic you feel you could teach to others and:

  • Promote it on social media that you help people solve your specific problem.
  • Aim to find a few people that would be willing to pay you to help them and prove that you could sell your coaching to them.

#3 Write an eBook and put it on Kindle

The next idea is to write an ebook and sell it on the Amazon Kindle store. When it comes to Kindle ebooks they are booming and you might think how can anyone make any money selling ebooks when people are only making $2.99 a book from them?

The thing is there are thousands upon thousands of people reading Kindle books, me included and people are making some serious bank here.  The thing with Amazon it’s mostly a numbers game and all you have to do is write an ebook.

Now you might also be saying that you don’t have any knowledge to share in a book but I beg to differ.  I feel almost everyone has a book in them and this doesn’t have to be a 1000-page novel.

Most Kindle books run 40 to 50 pages and all you have to solve a problem.  For example, a current Kindle book I’m reading right now is Book Launch by Chandler Bolt and his book goes through the basic process to write and sell an ebook on Kindle.

What’s great about this is that you get a ton of great information in a short period of time. So if you like writing Kindle books is definitely the way to go.

Try it: If you think writing a Kindle ebook is the way for you”

  • Research different book ideas and see what others are writing on the topic you want to write about.
  • Do an outline of your book and get busy.  Most Kindle books can be written and published within a month if you hustle.

#4 Offer Proofreading and Editing Services

Another option is to do proofreading and editing for bloggers and online businesses.  Almost all businesses revolve around content these days.

I’ve personally been blogging since 2008 and as a blogger, we want nothing more than to have our content shine and you could be that person to do this.  I’ve hired editors in the past to do this for me and it always amazes me how much I need to improve as a writer.

The great thing is that this service is in huge demand because there are literally thousands of blogs out there needing someone to edit them, so why not you?

Try it:  If you have a knack for editing content and you always correcting people’s mistakes online start a business on it by:

  • Contacting bloggers you notice who have a lot of content errors on their site.
  • Offer to proofread 3 articles for free and if they like your services you can do more for a small fee.

#5 Offer To Place Guest For Others

Another area I know is booming is guest posting and I’m not talking about writing guest posts for people but placing guest posts for people.  What I found is that writing guest posts is not hard to do but getting them placed on quality blogs and news outlets can be quite tough.

People will pay big money to get guest posts placed in various different places.  I’ve done this a few times and was able to earn $50 to $150 by placing just one article.  Now I will be honest it can be slow at first but like any business over time things will pick up.

Try it:  If want to help others get their guest post published on quality sites try:

  • Contacting bloggers who want to get the word out about their blog and letting them know you can help them place guests for them for a fee.
  • Tell them they have to write the article and that you can contact the site they want the article to get published on.

#6 Manage Social Media Accounts For Small Businesses

Six on the list is to manage social media accounts for other bloggers and small businesses.  Now someone might argue that you need skills to do this job but I disagree.  If you can update your own Facebook and Twitter pages you can manage other people’s accounts.

Now you might be wondering why would someone hire you to manage their social media accounts.  The reason is most bloggers and small businesses don’t have the time to do all this stuff and you could be that person who takes care of it all for them.

You can check out my previous interview I did with Michelle who makes over $15,000 a month doing this for other small businesses.

Try it: Does starting a social media management business sound like fun to you, then:

  • Contact bloggers and small businesses that you either know of or find through searching on Google and contact them.
  • Tell them you would like to help them manage their social media and that you could offer to manage it for a week free to see how things go.

#7 Buy and Sell Stuff for Profit

Another area to look at if you have no skills is buying and selling stuff for profit.  I know a few people who have done this and make some great money at it. All this involves is finding products that are being sold in your local area for less than they are being sold online.

For example, if you find a pair of high-end headphones being sold at Best Buy for $100 and people are buying them online for $140 you could buy them for cheaper and resell them for $130, making you $30 of profit.

Two people who have done this well are Josh and Jill Stanton’s site Screw the Nine to Five. Josh and Jill make a full-time living doing this and if they can do it I’m sure you can as well.

 Try it: If buying and selling things for a profit sounds like a business opportunity for you then:

  • Head to your local Walmart, CVS, or Best Buy and look at the products they have for sale.
  • Find the products that sell for less and post them up for sale using Amazon or eBay.

#8 Start a Ridesharing Business

Another side business you could start is ridesharing with companies like Uber, or Sidecar.  These companies literally allow you to turn your car into your own taxi service.  I have one friend who does this on his weekends or in his spare time.

When he has to run to the other side of town here turns on his Uber app and literally gets paid to drive to the other side of town.  One downside I should mention about this is that this service isn’t available in all areas but if you live in a major city chances are they probably have it.

If you’re interested in this idea check out the interview I did with my good friend Harry Campbell over at The RideShare Guy.  Harry does this part-time and is making some great money doing it.

Try it: Think you would like the idea of starting a ridesharing business then:

  • Download the Uber app and apply as a driver.
  • Once approved turn your app on and start picking people up.

#9 Complete Small Task For People

A new way that has popped up over the last few years is to do tasks for people.  This might sound a bit basic but in a world where everyone wants something done for them, this could be the perfect opportunity for you.

This option is provided by a company called Task Rabbit.  They allow you to help people solve everything from finding them a cup of coffee to moving furniture.  The great thing is since everything is all based around an app on your phone you have complete control over when you are available and when you’re not.

Try it:  If you think you could help people with small simple tasks then:

  • Download the Task Rabbit app on your smartphone to apply.
  • Once you are approved simply bid on a task that you think you can do.

#10 Create a Digital Course and Sell it on Udemy

One area I’ve been experimenting with a bit is creating my own Udemy Course.  Udemy is a marketplace you can create and sell your online digital courses at.  To do this you just need to have a topic in mind and be willing to share it with others through video lectures.

People are making some big bucks with the Udemy opportunity, in fact, I recently came across a few podcast interviews of a guy who’s doing $5000 a month at it.  You can check that interview out here.

I’m working on my first Udemy course and it’s been a fun process.  The best part is you only have to create a course once and you can sell it over and over again.

Try it:  If creating a course sounds like something you would like to try then:

  • Brainstorm and outline a topic idea you would like to create a course on.
  • Sign up for Udemy and record your course.  It only has to be 30 minutes long and you can teach literally anything from flower arranging to how to use Microsoft Excel.

#11 Sell Products via Amazon FBA Program

The final option is to create your own products by outsourcing them and then selling through the Amazon FBA program.  I know a few people doing this and they are absolutely killing it at this making thousands per month.

All you need to do is research a product that you know will sell on Amazon, find a wholesale supplier who will make the product for you, and ship it to Amazon.

I know that sounds simpler than it really is so to help you out if this idea seems appealing to you check out the interview I did with Chris Guthrie.  Chris is making some serious money with the Fulfilled by Amazon program and this could be the opportunity for you.

You may also want to check out the Amazing Seller Podcast by Scott Voelker.  Scott has a ton of knowledge when it comes to Amazon FBA and he can show a great plan to getting started.

Try it: Does selling products under your own product label sound like fun to you then:

  • Go to Amazon and research the different products you would like to sell.  You can use the resources I mentioned here to help find the right ones for you.
  • Once you find a product that is right for you start looking for a supplier at Alibaba.com that will fill your order and ship it for you.

Did You Find a Side Hustle?

In the end, I’ve found that you can really do almost any side hustle.  Just because you don’t have the skills or know-how shouldn’t stop you.

In fact, I feel it’s really a mindset issue and once you can wrap your mind around the idea that you can start a side hustle and take that first step you’ll be 90% to getting things going.

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