3 More Ways to Get Ahead Fast in Your Side Hustle

In last week’s article, I covered 3 Ways to Get Ahead Fast in your Side Hustle and after a little more thinking I realized I had 3 more ways that I could add to the list.

So this week will be a continuation of last week’s article and if you have not read last week’s article I strongly recommend that you do so.  I feel the points covered in these articles are usually some of the biggest sticking points and why we don’t seem to move forward in our businesses.

I know for me its taken a while to get my head wrapped around these ideas and it’s probably one of the big reasons I’ve never advanced in my business as much.  So take a lesson from my mistakes and implement all of these ideas into action as fast as you can.

#1 Go Small

The first tip I want start with is that you need to go small with your niche in the beginning.  The mistake I see people often make, and this would include myself, is that we tend to start in a niche that is to general.

I did this when I started my first blog.  I wanted to start a personal finance blog and thought I could just blog about all the things I learned while I worked in financial services.

The problem with this is that the topic of personal finance is way to broad and I should have narrowed it down a couple of notches.

For example I could have narrowed it down one notch to investing and another notch to retirement investing, and even one more notch to mistakes people make with retirement investing.

The same can be done with your side hustle.  For example, lets say you want to start a window washing business but window washing is to broad so you might narrow it down to window washing for banks.

Now you’ve notched it down low enough you’ll know exactly who you should focus on.

What’s also great about going small is that it allows you to become the expert much faster in your niche than if you try to go big and broad right away.

#2 Spend it or Hustle

Tip number two is to either spend it or hustle.  This might sound a bit confusing to you but let me explain.

When it comes to achieving success with your side hustle their are two ways to do it, you can either hustle hard and work your butt off or you can spend money to bypass the hustling.

For example,  if you were to start a brand new website that taught people how to train your dog you could build up your audience by producing content on your site, guest posting, doing social media, and a who lot more.

However you could bypass this by having customers come to you by running some Facebook ads to them and targeting your customers to join your mailing list.

Both options lead to the same answer.  Now I should mention that I have yet to dabble with paid ads but I have been researching it and plan to use this as a way to build my business at some point in the near future.

The reason for this is that nobody wants to hustle forever, at least I don’t, and the end result is putting a solution like advertising in place to help me grow my business faster.

#3 Join or Start a Mastermind

The final tip is to start a mastermind group.  I’ve personally been in a mastermind just around a year now and I can’t tell you how valuable the advice I’ve received from this group has been for me.

One of the big problems my mastermind noticed as to why I was not as successful was because I would tend to jump around from one thing to the other.

My mastermind helped to point this out and as a result I’ve been able to focus my efforts and get more done.  This is the power of masterminds, they will point things out to you that you may not see in your own business and help you stay on track.

They also make it easy to help you bounce ideas off of and get feedback from fast.  I know for me I’ve always got ideas and it’s always good to hear some the advantages and disadvantages of things before I do them.

If you’re looking to start a mastermind group of your own here is a great article by Micheal Hyatt that talks about launching a mastermind group.

Have These Tips Helped?

Have these tips helped you with improving your business?  If so feel free to share your thoughts and comments below.

Also if you get a chance and you know someone who could benefit from these tips feel free to share this article with them.


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