How to Take Massive Action with Your Side Hustle & Get Things Done

Are you having trouble taking massive action with your side hustle?

I’m currently facing this issue right now; with limited time, a family, and a full-time business to run, having time to work on my side hustle is always an issue.  Right now I’m working on my first digital course which I plan to release at the end of the month, but it seems as if I can never get as much done as I plan to.

If this is you, then I may just have a solution for you.  In this article, I’m going to show you a system I’m using to help myself take massive action in my business and just get more done.

3 Things to Consider Before You Start

Now before I get into how this system works, I want to share a few things you will need to do before you can implement this system.  I’ve found if you don’t add these 3 specific things you’ll more than likely burn out.

Focus on One Project

The first objective is to focus on one project at a time and nothing else.  I have a really bad habit of doing 20 things at once and if you want to be very unproductive with your time then this hits number one on the list.

Right now I’m focused on creating my digital course and nothing else.  The only other thing I’m doing is writing these blog posts, which I love to do.  The thing is, if I put my attention on anything else right now it’ll take me twice as long to get things done and more than that, I’ll likely get overwhelmed.

So, if this is your issue start by just picking one project and see it through to the end.

Leave Room for Margin

Second, make sure you leave room for margin or extra time.  I do this for two primary reasons:

  • Prevention from being overwhelmed– The last thing I want to do is work on my business every single day because I know more than likely I’ll go into burnout mode before too long.  For me, I don’t schedule anything on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays.
  • Things Take Longer Than They Appear– I also like to leave a little margin because I know that things almost always take longer than you think they will.  What’s great about this is that if I get a little extra time and I want to work on my side hustle in my off time, I can still do that.

Work On Growth Activities

Finally, the last thing you’ll want to do is focus things that grow your business, not manage your business.  When it comes to your business there are things that will grow it and things that will manage it.  For example, management activities would be checking email, working on your sites logo, or fixing a tech problem.

Growth activities would include things like working on a new product, implementing a new email funnel, creating a sales page.  These things will make money for your business and that’s why you want to focus on them.

How to Take Massive Action with Your Side Hustle

Now that we have some of the preliminary things taken care off it’s time to get into the system.  Now I realize everyone has different ways of doing things and you don’t have to do things exactly like I have, but you can use this system to help model after your own situation.

#1 Put a List Together

The first step in this system is to write down every activity you need to complete in the current project you have chosen to work on.  Don’t worry if it’s not in order or not quite right yet, at this point you just want to get things down on paper.

For me, I like to do this in Microsoft Word and create a list of things that need to get done. Be specific in the tasks that need to be accomplished to complete the project.  For example, involving my course I’m creating, I need to make up some checklist and worksheets and on my list I didn’t write that down as one task.

Rather I wrote down each specific checklist and worksheet as their own task.  Doing this will add clarity to your list so you’re not wondering what really needs to get down when you come to that task.

If you find it hard to decide on everything that needs to go on that list, you need to research and figure out what does go on that list and what does not. Take this time to decide what aspects of each task are the most important and the most productive in reaching your end result. One way I like to do this is work backwards and start with the end result I’m trying to achieve.

If my goal is to create an online digital course and it’s something that doesn’t fit with my end goal I eliminate it.

#2 Put Your List in Order

Once you have everything listed, your next step is to order everything from the first thing you need to get done right on down to the last thing.  Doing this gives you direction on what needs to happen based on priority.  This way you’re not working ahead of yourself and not jumping all over the place.

Side Note: If you happen to forget to add something to your list don’t worry about it because you can always add stuff later.  This system is designed to be fluid and change if needed. 

#3 Schedule Every Item on Your Calendar

Once you have your ordered list it’s time to add everything to your schedule.  In this situation I like to use Google Calendar for this, because I use it across multiple devices from my laptop; to my smart phone.  Below is a sample of what my schedule looks like.


I like Google Calendar because it allows me to change things up if I need, having a flexible schedule prevents becoming overwhelmed.  Remember that nothing is set in stone when it comes to your schedule.  I adjust my schedule almost every day.

Once you get your schedule in place, it’s a matter of just doing the work.

Wrapping Up

Using this method has been positive for me, because it eliminates some of the stress and illustrates my plan. Now I’m not focusing on the entire job as a whole, but rather, just each individual part that I need to finish. On top of that, it lets me know what I always have to be doing next so I’m not always left wondering what I should be doing.

So what are your thoughts? Do you have a plan or a system like this in place to take massive action with your side hustle?  Feel free to share your thoughts and comments below.


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  1. Hey Chris: I love your blog and articles. Thank you! I wanted to know what you think of MLM as a side hustle?

  2. Hi Cathy I’m glad you found the article helpful. It’s funny that you bring up MLM because my first side hustle was doing MLM with a company that sold financial service products such as life insurance, and investments.

    I don’t hold anything against MLM business opportunities but it’s not really my cup of tea. The reason I say that is because with MLM you have to be good at selling in person. When I worked with my MLM company I had to make a lot of uncomfortable phone calls, something I didn’t really enjoy and ultimately was the reason I ended up quitting.

    If you don’t mind doing those types of things you’ll do just fine but if you don’t like to do those things you might find yourself in an uphill battle like I did.

    I hope this helps Cathy, if have anymore questions just let me know.

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