3 Ways to Get Ahead Fast with Your Side Hustle

Do you want to get ahead fast with your online side hustle?

I know for a long time when I was first getting started in the online space was how I was going to get ahead and build my side hustle into the big successful business.

I use to think that hoping on the latest social trends or taking another online course was the ticket to achieving my financial dreams and what I’ve learned over time is that those things have very little to do with your success.

So in this article, I’m going to share some of the things that can actually get you ahead in your business and help you achieve success a lot faster.

#1 Be You

First off, you just need to be YOU!  I use to worry about competition back in the early days but what I’ve learned is that if you are just you then nobody can copy that.

Chris Ducker has a great quote that goes along with this…

“Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe.”  – Chris Ducker

What Chris means by this is that people will follow you because they like your personality and the way you are well – you.

This is beneficial because if you were to lose everything tomorrow, your website, your Facebook page, heck even your mailing list, people would still seek you out because they like you for who you are.

There may even be someone else who sells the same exact service or product as you but they like you more because of your personality.

To give you an example just look at the music or podcast you listen to.  I’m a big fan of Pearl Jam, why because I just resonate with that type of music.  The same goes with podcasts, books, and even the people you hang out with.

In the end, people aren’t buying a product or service from you, rather they are buying you because they resonate with your message and your vibe.

#2 Be Different

Second, if you want to get ahead you’ll want to differentiate yourself from the pack.  Every business is a little bit different than the next one and a great example of this is social media.

Every social media company from Facebook to Twitter, to Periscope is focused on bringing people together and sharing information.  However, each of these companies does in their own unique way.

With Twitter you only get 140 characters, with Facebook it’s all about sharing with your friends and family, and with Periscope it’s all about live broadcasting.

So when it comes to your side hustle you need to determine what makes you different from everyone else.  Is it your story, is it something you can offer that nobody else is doing?

For example, if everyone in your niche likes to write blog posts, then maybe you could start a podcast.

Take a moment and look at your current niche and look at what everyone is doing and then look at what they are not doing and see if that is something you could do to be different.

#3 Build Relationships

Last if you want to get ahead in business you need to build relationships.  Now if you’re like me in the beginning I thought building relationships was a waste of time.  I use to think how was this going to help me grow my business.

Relationships are probably one of the biggest key parts of a business, from the people who come to my site and buy my products and services to the friendships I’ve made over the years.

The reason relationships matter is because of word of mouth. Now you might be thinking what does word of mouth have to do with anything?

So let me ask you this, if you were trying to decide between two books you wanted to buy on the same topic and your friend said to read book A because he had read both and said that book A was much better, I’m guessing that you’d likely consider his opinion and buy that book.

In business, it works the same way.  If you are looking to buy a product or a service between two different companies and your friend says they like Company A over Company B my guess is you would likely go with Company A.

Where things really get interesting is when that person recommends your product to others and they have a bit of Klout under them.

It’s this association that can lift people up and spread the word about your service or product and it’s this kind of exposure that can move your business light years ahead from where it is right now bringing you in more leads, clients, and sales.

Pro Tip: One of the best places to build quality business relationships is by going to conferences.  Meeting these people in person is the best way to get on their radar and get noticed.

Do You Want to Go to the Next Level

Are you using any of these 3 tips to help you get ahead in your side hustle business?

These tips may seem really basic on the outside but when you dig a bit deeper you’ll find that they can get you a head a lot further than chasing down the latest social site or trying to join the latest online marketing course.

Take a moment and share your thoughts and comments below.

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