How to Build Accountability into Your Side Hustle

Are you accountable for your side hustle?

What I mean is do you hold yourself accountable to complete daily, weekly, and even monthly tasks in your business?

I know for me this has been a bit tough lately, in fact, I’m just going, to be honest, I am not getting things done as I would like, and this may be your situation as well.

I recently sat down and reviewed my current side business and asked myself this very question, am I being accountable to my business and more importantly are other people holding me accountable?

In this article, I’m going to share a few things I’m doing to take more accountability in my business.

Consider Your Willpower

First off,  before I even jump into being held accountable you need to consider your willpower.  Willpower is the energy you have any given point during the day to complete a task.

What I’ve found is that your willpower is the strongest earlier in the day and as the day moves on you’ll find that it’s harder to get things done because your body tend to get tired and this is when you find it the hardest to stick to any commitments that you might have.

Think of your body like a cell phone battery.  If you were charging your phone all night long it would be full of power in the beginning of the day.  By the end of the day the power is going to be a lot less.

I’ve found this to hold true for me because my only real time to work on my side hustle is usually at 9pm to 11pm.

It’s great that I have 2 hours every night to work on my side hustle but my willpower is at it’s lowest at this point in the day and it’s really hard for me to stay committed to things.

To fix this I”ve been considering the idea of flipping this and getting up earlier in the mornings when my willpower is the highest.


The second way to help hold yourself accountable is to join a mastermind group.  Masterminds are a great way to get accountability in your business.  I’ve been in a mastermind for over a year now and it’s been very helpful.

When I hit my goals they are there to root me on and when I’m not hitting them they are their to help hold me accountable to the situation and keep me moving forward.

On area I seem to have a lot of issues with in my business is dealing with shiny object syndrome.  I constantly keep moving from the next best thing to the next best thing all the while I don’t accomplish much.

This is where my mastermind comes in handy to help call me back and moving towards my real goals in my business.

So if you are not apart of a mastermind I urge you to seek out people who are looking to achieve goals and further improve their businesses and form a mastermind with them.

This by far will help you move light years ahead in your business that if you were to forgo it.

Join Side Hustle Mastermind

Finally, my last tip to join Side Hustle Mastermind .  If you have not yet joined a mastermind group and you want the accountability factor in your business this the perfect place to get started.

Side Hustle Mastermind is a Free & Private Facebook group you can go to not only get your questions answered but to also help hold you accountable to your business.

Every Monday I run an accountability post in the group where people can share their goals for the week.  Then at the end of the week on Sunday I share the names of the people who hit their goals for the week.

So if you would like to get a little more accountability click here to join Side Hustle Mastermind now.

What are you doing to be held accountable in your side hustle?

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