11 Side Hustle Ideas for Doctors- The Ultimate List

Being a doctor can be a great career choice. However, it isn’t always the best thing whenever you need extra money. Whenever you need funds as a doctor. You can put your knowledge to good use with some side hustles.

Side hustles for doctors allow you to use your knowledge to the fullest. You will be largely sharing information about being a doctor, your knowledge, and the skills needed to attend medical school. These side hustles can leverage your experience while making you some money.

To figure out what these side hustles are, quickly read this article and see which one can work for you. You will find something that works for you and your comfort level!

1. Create A Study Guide

Earning Potential: $50 to $100 per sale

One of the most grueling things about being a doctor is taking the medical exam and attending medical school.

This requires long hours and complex subjects and topics to study and can be one of the hardest academic experiences of your entire life. Making things even more complicated is that most study guides read like phone books!

Having a dry and dull study guide can make work even harder, so why not create one that is fun to read?

You’ve been through medical school and passed your exams, so you know what the prospective doctors need to know.

Creating a study guide with your unique perspective and a large dash of fun can make your study guide enjoyable, and you can put yourself into it.

Don’t just share dry and bland facts, but also personal tips and words of encouragement because you know precisely what these prospective doctor students are going through. Give them the encouragement you wish that you had had.

2. Create a Blog About Being A Doctor

Earning Potential: $30 per thousand pageviews with Ezoic ads

As a doctor, you have probably seen some things. From tragedies, triumphs, miracles, and medicine, you’ve probably got a lot of memories and lessons to impart from your experiences.

If you love to write, why not choose to write about your experiences?

Since you are a doctor, your professional experience and credentials, along with your first-person account of events, will be very helpful. That will increase your influence because you are an expert.

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Still, you need to keep the HIPPA laws into account. Sharing any specific information about doctor-patient relationships is prohibited.

You can do a lot with your blogs, and once you have a bit of a following, you can start running Ezoic advertisements to earn an income.

Every follower will help with your engagement, and you can start making a good income.

3. Create A Doctor’s YouTube Channel

Earning Potential: $2 to $10 per thousand views with YouTube ads

If you aren’t a writer or blogger, you can use YouTube to get your message across.

You can share advice on current events, preventing illnesses, and managing health problems.

For example, if people are starting to suffer from the flu, then you can have a video about what to do to prevent the illness.

Again, you can make money using Youtube advertisements, and your connections and qualifications as a doctor will help you grow your audience.

The medical field will always grow, so you will always have something to make a video on.

4. Buy a Vacation Home and Rent It on VRBO.com

Earning Potential: $1500 to $3100 a month, according to USA Today

If you are a doctor, you know two things. It pays very well and can be one of the most stressful things you can do.

This career is not for the faint of heart, but with the extra money, why not purchase a vacation property?

Along with being able to use it whenever you need some extra time to yourself, you can also rent it out.

Depending on the location, you can showcase the prosperity to many clients. After you get the property ready, you can rent it out and collect payment from your renters.

5. Be A Medical Tutor

Earning Potential: $16 an hour.

Becoming a doctor is no easy feat, but if you have gone through the struggle and strife of getting into medical school, why not train others to do so as well?

You can become a tutor and help prospective medical students pass the examination.

You can either market your services as a tutor around your area or go on websites such as tutorme.com and sell your services there.

The hours are flexible, and you can earn $16 an hour. Plus, you can help some other students get their medical exams passed.

6. Write For Other Medical Publications

Earning Potential: 3 to 10 cents per word.

Of course, you can leverage your love of writing and write for other medical publications.

You can write for medical blogs and other websites such as WebMD, and medical writers do have a massive salary going for them.

Some writers on WebMD can earn around 95,000 dollars on average for their articles, and it can be a fun way to share your knowledge.

7. Create A Course

Earning Potential: $10 to $100 per sale.

Courses about being a doctor can be informative and go in-depth into one niche.

You can discuss topics such as sanitation, natural medicine, diseases, and medical training. Videos and conversation can cover all these topics in a 4-6 episode course.

You can sell your course on Udemy or Skillshare, and if that course goes well, why not create a bigger one?

8. Invest Using Stash

Earning Potential: Depends on investment, what you invest in, and how much you invest.

One of the best ways to use your money as a doctor and to make more is by using Stash.

Stash is an application that can allow you to trade stocks. Being a doctor takes time, and Stash can help you invest quickly.

With Stash, you can buy partial shares of companies and shares of stocks.

It’s a simple application that can help you make some passive income by starting with $5! Now that is a great deal!

9. Start Drop Shipping

Earning Potential: 20% to 30% per each sale.

A dropshipping store using Shopify is another way to make money as a doctor because you can form relationships with medical professionals.

Plenty of companies sell medical supplies, and you can connect with them. If you don’t want to dropship for the medical industry, you can do drop shipping for someone else.

If you want to figure out how dropshipping works, I’d recommend the Dropship Lifestyles course.

It shows you the process of getting your business connected with suppliers and starting the process of drop shipping. Still, getting the drop shipping business going takes a while.

Once you get it going, drop shipping can make you some money!

10. Become an Expert Witness

Earning Potential: Up to $500 an hour.

You can become an expert witness for trials and medical work by using the Seak website. This website helps you to become an expert witness and shows you how to deal with a trial.

People with medical knowledge are often called into courtrooms to share their expertise. As an expert witness, you can testify about the medical things needed for a case.

From giving your evidence-based opinion to confirming a medical diagnosis, a good medical witness can make around $500 an hour.

Your words and actions might even help solve or disprove a case! How cool would that be?

11. Do Medical File Reviews

Earning Potential: $85 to $200 an hour.

The medical files often need to be reviewed as you look for claims and inconsistencies.

You can work from home and review medical charts as a consultant.

Reviewing the charts for insurance companies and review organizations can be a fun job if you are the type of person who likes to review mistakes.

You can make anywhere from $85-$200 an hour as you start reviewing, and you also won’t have to testify in court if that is needed.

Much like becoming an expert witness, what you find might solve or change a case is pretty cool!

Click here to learn more.

12. Start a Hydration Business

If you love working with people and would like to support them on their health journey, and of course, you have a medical background, starting an intravenous (IV) hydration business could be the one for you.

This way, you can make good money while helping people achieve their health and wellness goals. Hereby you can find more details on how to start an IV fluids business.

Improving Your Doctor Skills

Having a side hustle gives you another outlet for using all of your doctor and medical knowledge.

Sharing these skills outside of the hospital can be a great way to help people who want to get into the medical industry. There’s nothing quite like using your doctor skills to help train the next generation of doctors.

Plus, writing a blog or doing a Youtube channel can be a ton of fun, and if you want to inject your personality into the things you produce, you can add a personal touch to your work.

You can also invest in things like Stash or drop shipping, which can have little impact on the medical industry but still make you some money.

Pick your side hustle idea and start turning that into a business! Once it grows, the money will start to flow.

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