11 Side Hustle Ideas for Accountants – The Complete List

If you are an accountant, then you might be struggling to make ends meet at times, or maybe you just want a change of pace from all the numbers and spreadsheet data that you look at every single day. If you decide that you need a side hustle to supplement your accountant job, then here are some.

Being an accountant doesn’t have to be all numbers and data points, and you can use your knowledge to not only work for other people, but you can also take advantage of all of the people who don’t know anything about accounting and money management. The only real limit is the limit you place on yourself.

If you want to make sure that your accounting skills are not only placed to good use, but also to beneficial use, then read about these 11 side hustles.

You can figure out what type of idea is the best for you, and then try to turn it into a great side hustle for your business.

1. Become A Freelance Accountant

Accountants are needed for every business, even for the small businesses, but for a small business or even an independent contractor, they can be very hard to afford. If you want to share your services for these people who are having trouble hiring typical accountants, then give it a go by going freelance.

Freelancing allows you to set your own rates and your own schedule, allowing you to handle each of these clients and your clients from your accountant business.

Plus, you can go online with a service like Upwork and work with clients from all over the world, all from the comfort of your own home.

2. Create a Productized Service

If you don’t want to take on another accounting job as a freelancer, you can still put your knowledge to good use and do the specialized tasks that normal people probably won’t do.

For example, you can offer to review someone’s books or work on the accounting portions of their business every quarter.

Everyone doesn’t enjoy doing accounting, so why not take that struggle away from them and do it for a modest fee.

Plus, if you are a professional accountant you can charge more and give more value.

3. Become An Accounting Consultant

You’ve probably gone through all the schools and things that your accountant training has to offer, and if there’s one thing you probably understand it is that accounting is confusing!

If it is confusing to you, then accounting is certainly confusing to everyone else and you can take advantage of that. 

You can become a consultant and start giving advice to both businesses and individuals to make sure that they are using their money in the best ways possible.

Most people can be reluctant to hire an accountant, but if you can convince them to spend money on you to make money, then you’ll find a win-win relationship awaiting you.

You will be able to give indispensable advice, and also make sure that your clients are making smart money choices. Then those clients will reach back out to you and pay you even more for it!

4. Create A Course On Accounting For Business

One of the best ways to help people become better accountants, you can create your perfect online course.

You can take a weekend or a few days to put together a course on how businesses can make some serious money and share your information. It’s a good source of evergreen and passive income content.

Once you have designed your course, you need to place it on websites such as Udemy or Skillshare, place a price for it, and then start marketing.

If you have a course with some amazing value, then people will start to come towards you and pay for it.

5. Start An Accountants YouTube Channel

If you enjoy speaking and being on video, you can create an accountant Youtube channel.

You can easily create some tutorials about different tax laws by state, common things everyone should know, current events in the accounting business, and the opportunities that are presenting themselves in the world.

You won’t have any problems with a lack of topics, and you can also earn money from Youtube ads and affiliate marketing.

6. Become A CPA Exam Tutor

The last major hurdle that comes with becoming a lawyer is the Uniform CPA examination, which is the last thing that prospective accountants need to figure out before they become an accountant.

You can easily set up tutorial services on websites such as Wyzant, and you can get paid to tutor the next generation of accountants.

Become the tutor you wish you had when passing the exam, share your knowledge, and share your tips and tricks.

Trust me, it feels really good to become a tutor and help people get to where they need to be to become an accountant.

7. Create An Accounting Training Course

Going on with the above topic, if you don’t want do one on one tutoring, then you can create an evergreen training course to help you connect the accountants to the skills they need to complete the CPA.

You can create an ebook, video series, or online course and then bundle everything together.

Then you can put all these items together and start selling them. You can also use your experience with the CPA to include a guide, and you can also find ways to make learning fun.

If you put a lot of personality into the course, you will be perfectly fine content-wise and people will purchase it as side hustles for CPA.

Plus, you can largely keep the content evergreen and have it keep making you money for years to come. Who wouldn’t like that?

8. Become An Accounting Writer

If you want to combine your accounting skills with your writing skills, you can focus on writing articles about accounting and other niche topics.

There are a lot of people who can use your accounting skills, and you will be able to write for those clients and share your experience.

An experienced writer with good command of the English Language and knowledge of accounting can become very popular, and you can easily earn up to $100 dollars per article.

This depends on the client and the level of skills that you will bring to the table, but you can still make some good earnings.

9. Start An Accounting Blog

Another way to use your accounting and writing skills is to write an accounting blog.

You can not only share your knowledge of accounting but also you will be able to use the blog to market your own services!

You can write articles on any number of topics and share things, while also marketing what you do and showing off your writing skills.

Plus, a good accounting blog can help you make some passive income. You can make money based on the advertisements that you use for your blog, and also any affiliate marketing that you can do.

Once people get to have a good look at your blog, you will make more money with the increased audience.

10. Start An Accountant Mastermind Group

If you are a successful accountant, then you can use that to bring others towards your same level of success.

If you want to help other people make some changes and become better than they are now, you can start a mastermind group with those accountants.

Have your clients pay for each meeting and you can make three figures a month.

Plus, if you fancy yourself as a teacher, this can be a great way to watch other accountants grow and get to your level of success.

This is one of the best side hustle for accountants jobs.

11. Buy a Vacation Rental Property

Once you finish the insanity leading up to April 15th, you might need to take a vacation to unwind and relax.

A vacation rental property is one of the best ways to not only get some property that you can use whenever you want but also something you can rent out for the rest of the year.

You can rent out the property and make some passive income whenever you aren’t using it, and have a vacation home away from home when you do.

This is a win-win side hustle idea for accountants, and if you want to vacation in a different part of the world, you can rent the property over there.

Final Thoughts

Being an accountant is a long and grueling road, and while it is very rewarding, don’t you want to make sure that the new accountants won’t need to go through all of that?

A lot of these side hustle ideas are all about teaching and sharing your experiences, and that’s what you should feel called to do.

Teaching about accounting is a noble profession, and if your jobs and gigs get to help out someone along with making you some money, then it’s a win-win!

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