11 Side Hustle Ideas to Make Money with Your Truck

Times can always be a little tough, but if you have a truck you can make some extra money without needing to shell out more than a few extra bucks for gas!

Driving your truck around and making some extra money is not only easy but also something that I have done multiple times without any hassle or extra experience.

You can make money driving your truck by using your truck to meet people’s needs. You will be providing services to make the lives of your clients much easier. There are several easy side hustles you can complete, just by asking what jobs do people not want to do!

These 11 ways only require a truck and a little imagination to bring some extra bucks into your wallet, so see which of these side hustle ideas with a truck is the best for you!

1. Plowing Snow

If you live in an area that has a ton of snow every single winter, everyone knows that snow can easily pile up and quickly snow you in.

If your driveway gets all covered in snow, then chances are that someone else’s driveway is the exact same. While you might be able to shovel out your driveway, others might not want to.

This is where you can hop in and either talk to local businesses and people about removing snow from their driveways and parking lots.

Your truck will be able to hold a lot of snow in its bed, and you will be able to remove the snow and give your new client a fresh driveway!

However, this only works if your location gets snow, and the job is quite seasonal. If you live in an area that gets heavy snow this might be a good job for you to get.

2. Garbage Disposal

Everyone has a garage or closet in their home that is overflowing with junk and garbage, and the idea of going through those areas and cleaning out the refuse is just too much.

Even if they did go through the room and put everything out onto the road, it’s too much to be driven to the local dump.

That’s where you come in. If people have garbage they want to remove, you can offer to do so for a fee with your pickup truck.

If you feel up for it, you might offer to help people clean out their houses. Then you can separate the garbage from the keepsakes and take that garbage to the dump all in one trip with ease.

3. Scrap Metal Pickup

With scrap metal pickup, you can grab scrap metal from local homes and businesses, and offer to recycle it for them.

Scrap metal might seem like, well scraps, but instead, it is a valuable commodity that pays anywhere from 100 dollars to 300 dollars per ton.

If you can find places that have a lot of scrap metal you can make a pretty hefty payday.

In my local town, we do a town junk day once a year and oftentimes scrappers will come through and pick up the scrap metal on the piles and turn the money in for cash.

4.  Advertise on Your Truck

What if you could get paid just for driving the truck without any extra work at all? If you work with an advertising company such as Wrapify you can get advertisements and contact information placed on your car.

Then, all you have to do is drive around and you can get commissions or a flat fee from the company.

It can be a great way to make passive income between jobs, and allow you to connect with companies who need advertising.

The earnings that you get will be dependent on the company you work with, with bigger companies paying more.

5. Deliver Newspapers

While this might seem like a job for young children on bicycles looking for their first job, it is also a good job for a truck driver as well.

You can deliver the local newspaper in your area, and you will often be assigned a daily route that you will use every single day. This is a guaranteed job with an hourly route and daily work.

If you do it well, you can move up in the newspaper world and start to get a bigger route, longer hours, and more responsibility.

It might even bring back some childhood memories if you’ve done a low tech paper route in the past!

6. Offer A Taxi Service

It doesn’t take a lot to sign your car up with a service like Uber or Lyft, and then you can make some money driving people around.

You can have a great deal of flexibility with where you drive and can take jobs based on distance and money. If you have a few hours to kill, then driving people around can be a great way to make some funds.

Most people want to be driven around to local hotspots, and you won’t need to worry about making very long drives at the start. Plus, you get paid based either on how long the trip is or the time that your customer spends in your car.

Plus, you can get to know some interesting people during your car rides, and that’s always a plus if you are a people person.

The conversations might be what makes you look forward to every single ride because you never know who you might end up meeting.

7. Deliver Food

If you aren’t keen on delivering customers from place to place, you can at least deliver their groceries and food!

You can sign your truck up with GrubHub or UberEats, and pick up orders from there.

It works exactly the same as taxi services with Uber and Lyft, where you will receive an order and a price point for that order. Once you accept the order you can deliver it to the customer and get paid.

You don’t only get paid for delivering your food, but you also keep 100% of the tips that you make. It’s a great way to make some money, and get your car smelling like good food too!

8. Deliver Freight

While you might think that delivering freight is only for massive trucks and not your pickup, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Even your pickup truck can deliver freight, and the amount of freight that you can deliver depends on your comfort level and the quality of the freight.

Most pickups can only carry small loads of freight, but even those small freight loads can give you a massive payday if you handle it right.

You can find freight jobs at UShip.com

9. Home Moving

If you love long drives and a purposeful task, you might want to become a home mover.

Whether people are moving across town or moving even further, they need someone to help them move all of their stuff and that person can be you.

You can either start your own moving service or use a website like TaskRabbit to become an employed home mover for you.

You will need to have enough space to adequately store all of their items into your truck and keep them there for the duration of the trip.

It might be a tight squeeze and you will need to be in constant communication with the seller, but it can pay very well.

10. Handyman Service

If you are on taskrabbit, you can load the truck up with a few tools and put your love of tinkering and being handy to use in your neighborhood.

You can work with people to fix everything from a broken down floor to damaged siding, to a leaking faucet. You do need to get licensed to become an official handyman, but it is a worthwhile process.

Being a handyman can be a fun and interesting job, especially if you are looking out for variety with every single job.

Truck drivers also have the freedom to take jobs wherever they want.

11. Mobile Welding Service

If you really enjoy using your portable welder and wish that you had another reason to get it out of the house and out into the world, this is something that you can do.

A mobile welding business allows you to carry your portable welder everywhere and keep using it to help local business owners and farmers.

Starting your own welding business is pretty easy, and all you need to do is make sure you have the equipment.

Then you should pick your niche and make sure that you can do these jobs in a timely manner.

Not a lot of people offer portable welding services, so if you can become the best of your local mobile welding services, you will quickly have more clients than you would have ever thought possible.


Having a truck can give you a lot of opportunities for side jobs, and all it takes is a little ingenuity and a reason to try out some new things.

Figure out what type of side jobs you like the best, and then do your best to make money with them.

Once you start to enjoy the side hustle, you’ll have another way to make money while also having fun doing it!

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