Considering Teachery vs Teachable?

If you’re looking to start your own course business on the side or even full time you may have been doing some searching around the web and come across Teachery and Teachable as a way to host, sell and market your courses.

However what you may not know is that both of these companies are not the same and in this article, I will be sharing a complete comparison chart, giving you the biggest differences between both platforms, and in the end I will share who I feel the winner is.

With that said let’s get started.


Before You Start…

Before we start I want to share a few things you should know before you get started.

First, I am an affiliate of Teachable and will earn a commission if you buy through my link.  If you do I just want to say thank you for the support.

Second, take some time to review both products and pick the one that is right for you.  With leads me to my last point.

Finally, my goal here is not to tare down one platform or another but rather to share the facts.  Even though I will share my preferred company it’s up to you to make the choice that’s right for you.


Teachery vs Teachable – A Complete Comparison Chart

Now that I’ve got the minor details out of the way take some time to review the chart below.

Can You Create Unlimited Courses?YesYes
Do They Offer SSL?YesYes
Can You Customize Your Site Design?YesYes
Can You Setup a Custom Domain Name?YesOffered with paid plans
Do You Have Complete Control of Course Material?You own the course and can co whatever you want with ItYou own the course and can co whatever you want with It
Can You Control Pricing?You can price your course for as much as you want or even offer it for freeYou can price your course for as much as you want or even offer it for free
Do They Offer a Marketplace?NoNo
Can You Offer Coupons and Promotional Discounts?Yes, you set any kind of discount for as long as you wantYes, you set any kind of discount for as long as you want
Can You Offer an Affiliate Program for Your Course?Yes, and you can also determine the commission percentage Yes, and you can also determine the commission percentage
Allow You to Monitor Students Progress?Yes, detailed reporting and analyticsYes, detailed reporting and analytics
Do You Have Complete Control Over Students?Yes, they are your studentsYes, they are your students
Do They Offer Quizzes?NoYes
Can You Offer Drip Content?YesYes, offered with paid plans only
Can You Have Multiple Instructors?NoYes
Can You Share Course Revenue?NoYes
Can You Offer Course Bundles?NoYes
Can You Offer Course Up Sells?NoYes
Do You Offer On boarding CallsNoYes, with Professional Plans and up
Do They Offer Site Themes?Yes, they have 2 basic themes avaliableNo
Can You Get Instant Access to Your Funds?YesNot with Free Plans. Must be on the Professional Plan to get instant payouts.
Do They Offer Integrations?YesYes, but you need to be on the Basic Plan or higher
Do You Offer Advanced CSS/HTML Editing?YesYes
Do You Offer Free Video Hosting?NoYes
Can You Create Additional Pages?YesYes
Do They Offer Their Own Payment Gateway?No, must integrate with StripeYes
Can You Offer a Free Trial of Your Course?NoNo
Do They Offer an Internal Email Option?NoYes
How Many Students Can You Have?UnlimitedUnlimited
Do They Offer Training?Has a course that will teach you how to create your first courseHas a course that will teach you how to create your first course
Do They Offer an App?NoYes
Do They Offer a Free Plan?Yes, but it is only a 14 day free trialYes, free for as long as you want.
Credit Credit Card Processing Fees2.9% plus 30 cents. With Pro Plans and up you negotiate lower fees when you integrate Stripe or PayPal.2.9% plus 30 cents. With Pro Plans and up you negotiate lower fees when you integrate Stripe or PayPal.
What Kind of Pricing Options Do You Have?- Free
- One Time Payments
- Recurring Payments
- Free
- One Time Payments
- Recurring Payments
- Fixed Payment Plan
Are There Course Transaction Fees?No transaction fees- 10% + $1 for Free Plans
- 5% for the Basic
- 0% for the Professional Plan and up
Are There Monthly Payment Plans?Yes
Monthly Plan runs $49 a month.
- Basic Plan $39/Month
- Professional Plan $99/Month
- High Volume Plan $299/month
Do They Offer Annual Plans?Yes
Annual Plan runs $470 a year.
- Basic Plan $33.25/month = $399/year
- Professional Plan $83.25/month = $999/year
- High Volume Plan $249.91/month or $2999/year
How Much Do You Save By Paying Annually?20% if paid annually14% to 16% depending on the plan
Click Here to Sign Up For TeacheryClick Here to Sign Up for Teachable


10 Major Differences Between Teachery and Teachable

Now that you’ve had a chance to compare both Teachery and Teachable below are 10 of the biggest differences between each platform that you may not have considered. Also stick around after this section to see which platform I recommend.


#1 Multiple Instructors

To start Teachery does not offer you the opportunity to have multiple instructors.  So maybe you and a friend want to create a course together.  With Teachable you can have multiple instructors and even set up a profit sharing option for each instructor.

For example, if you and someone else coteach a course you could split the earnings 50/50. Teachery does not offer this option as of now.

Teachable 1     Teachery 0


#2 Quizzes

Teachery also does not let you offer quizzes while Teachable does.  In fact, Teachable will even let you create in-depth graded quizzes to help your students better grasp what you are trying to teach them.

Personally, I feel quizzes are a great way to get your students engaged with your course material but also at the same time see if they are retaining the information that you are teaching them.  If you plan to have quizzes within your courses then Teachable is the clear winner here.

Teachable 2     Teachery 0


#3 Course Bundles

Do you have multiple courses?  Are those courses related to a specific topic?  Then why not bundle them and make a special deal for your students to buy them.

WithTeachable you can bundle groups of courses together and sell them for a special price that students wouldn’t get if they were to buy them all separately.

For example, if you had three courses on email marketing that all related to each other you could group them in a bundled package and sell them for a slightly discounted price.

Better yet you could sell them at the same price and offer a special bonus for 2 weeks of group coaching for everyone that buys the bundled deal.

The options are endless here but unfortunately, Teachery does not offer this option.

Teachable 3     Teachery 0


#4 UpSells

Teachable also offers the option to do upsells. What is an upsell you might be wondering?  An upsell gives you the opportunity to pitch another product while they buy your initial product.

You see, while people are in the buying mode it’s a lot easier to sell them an additional related product while they already have their credit card in hand.

For example, let’s say you have a course called The Beginners Guide to Email Marketing and in this course, you teach what people need to know in order to get started with email marketing.  However, you discover that one of the biggest issue people have when getting started is writing emails.

As an upsell you could offer them several email templates to help them write there emails.  By offering upsells you’ll sell more products and earn more income.

Teachable 4   Teachery 0


#5 Training

When it comes to both Teachery and Teachable they offer their own course on how to create, market, and sell your own course.  However, there is one slight difference that you need to know about.

With Teachable you only get this course if you sign up for their pro plan which runs a $99 a month while Teachery offers this under every plan that they have.

When it comes starting a course business I feel training is one of the most important parts of the whole process.  If you don’t teach people how to create an online course how can ever expect them to create their first course, market it, or even make their first sale.

In the end, this means they’ll stick around longer become a customer for life.

Teachable 4     Teachery 1


#6 Hosting Files

This is one of my biggest issues with Teachery, hosting your files. If you didn’t know you can’t host any videos, pdf’s, or mp3 audio files on Teachery.  Rather they want you to host them on YouTube, Google Drive, or even a paid video hosting platform.

This means you’ll have an extra cost involved with hosting your video files on top of the monthly cost of using the Teachery platform.

Teachable, on the other hand, includes this with the monthly cost and the best part is you can even get free video hosting with the free plan minus a small transaction fee for every sale you make.

Teachable 5     Teachery1


#7 Payment Processing

Another area to consider is the payment processor.  With Teachery you must integrate with Stripe because they don’t offer any sort of internal payment processor, while Teachable does.

The benefit behind this is that if you’re just getting started it’s a great way to test the waters and earn a few bucks.  However, there is a downside to this when it comes to Teachable as well.  With Teachable you need to upgrade to a paid plan in order to use stripe.

But the even bigger issue is that Teachable holds all payments for 30 days if you use their payment processor.  So is this a big deal either way, not really but if you don’t want to hassle with integrating a payment processor like stripe then Teachable is the way to go.

Teachable 6     Teachery 1


#8 Email

Email falls into the same issue as payment processors.  With Teachable they want you to integrate with MailChimp or Convertkit.  With Teachable they offer you the opportunity to use their internal email option or integrate with another provider.

The problem with this is that you’ll have to pay for an entirely separate service to send out emails with.  This will cost you roughly $15 to $30 a month to have on top of your monthly fee from Teachery.

Teachable 7    Teachery 1


#9 No Free Plan

Teachery also does not offer a free plan. Instead, they offer a 14-day free trial.  While Teachable offers a completely free plan for as long as you need.

I like this option best because starting a course business takes time. With the free option, it allows you the time to get your first course up and running and earning a few bucks before you decide to make the switch to a paid plan.

While I think the free plan is great the paid plans just offer better options from custom domain names to having your own affiliate program but when you’re just getting started the free plan will let you get yourself planted in the business and earning a few bucks before you decide to start paying.

Teachable 8     Teachey 1


#10 The Cost

Finally, it’s time to get down to nitty gritty, cost.  When it comes to the cost both platforms have a very different way of handling this.  So let’s have a look at them.

Below is Teachery’s pricing options…

  • Monthly Plan runs $49 a month
  • Annual Plan runs $470 a year

With Teachery you have 1 of 2 options you can pay $49 a month or pay an annual payment of $470 saving you 20%.  Now let’s consider Teachables pricing options.

  • Free
  • Basic Plan $39/Month
  • Professional Plan $99/Month
  • High Volume Plan $299/month

Below is Teachable’s annual pricing options.

  • Free
  • Basic Plan $33.25/month = $399/year
  • Professional Plan $83.25/month = $999/year
  • High Volume Plan $249.91/month or $2999/year

In the end, Teachable offers cheaper plan options over Teachery even though they have plans that are more expensive they also offer a completely free plan which is a big deal when you’re first starting out.

Teachable 9      Teachery 1


And The Winner Is…

When it comes down to it I feel Teachable is the clear winner here.  They offer cheaper pricing options, give you more features such as upsells, course bundles, and email options.  However most of all Teachable takes care of all the hosting from your videos, to pdf’s.

This stuff can get expensive and even though Teachable does charge a transaction fee it a minor expense so that you don’t have to figure out how to integrate video hosting using YouTube, or Google Drive.

So are you interested in starting your own course business?  Click here to sign up with Teachable and get started today.