7 Types of Blogs that Make the Most Money (With Examples)

Blogs are very interesting and everyone seems to have one nowadays, and of course, everyone is interested in making money with their blogs. There are several types of blogs that can be written, and if your primary goal is to make money, then you need to create the right blog.

The blogs that make the most money include personal finance, online business, food, tech, health & fitness, lifestyle, and travel. These types of blogs have some of the highest paying advertisers and affiliate programs and generate some of the highest earnings.

Once you have the right blog written, the money will start to pour in, and now you just need to figure out how to start writing the blog posts that will get your readers looking at you.

What Types of Blogs Make the Most Money?

Here are the types of blogs that are the most profitable, and we will be ranking them by both the money they make due to audience size and the money they make due to advertisements.

1. Personal Finance


The very first blog that I started was a personal finance blog, and these personal finance blogs can attract big names in the field of advertising.

People need to come to personal finance blogs for everything because let’s be honest money is very confusing. Due to the very large audience, most credit card companies and insurance companies will put up ads on the website.

They have a hope that once you read about the benefits of a credit card or insurance company, you will click on the ads and join their companies. If people click on the ads, you can make some serious money, and one ad click even earned me $26.

Credit card companies will also pay out massive affiliate payments that can pay up to $100, if your audience signs up that can be a massive payout.

If you have a knowledge of personal finance and want to help people get a better handle on their money, this can be a great blog to start. It’s also very lucrative too!

2. Online Business

Our blog, Side Hustle Academy, is an online business blog. Depending on the number of thousands of people who read each page, the ad payouts can pay anywhere from $30 to $100 dollars.

Online business blogs can also have a large affiliate program payout, and unlike some other blogs, these affiliate marketing items are recurring.

These recurring payouts pay 30% of each sale to you, which can add up quickly!

Plus, if you sell an online business course inside of this niche, they can make some serious money by both recurring and regular payments. Some courses charge 100 dollars per month, and $2000 dollars is the entry fee for one such course.

If you have any experience in online businesses’ people will want to hear about it. More and more people are attempting to create an online business, and they will need the guidance of your blog.

3. Technology


The technology niche is one that will always be rising, and people are going to need blogs about it!

Whether you write about software, gadgets, or the latest news in the tech industry, you should be able to make a fine profit on the blog, and also never run out of things to talk about! There’s always something new happening in the tech world!

Technology blogs also are very popular with affiliates, where some blogs can even run solely on their Amazon affiliate marketing.

If you love looking at the technology and staying on the cutting edge of what’s new in the various fields, then a technology blog might be the best for you.

4. Health & Fitness


Whether you are wanting to write something like WebMD.com or just a simple diet and exercise blog, you can find a large number of niches in the overall niche.

The ads in this blog earn around $30 for every thousand views, which is much higher than average. The top companies in the world advertise their items on these websites, especially for health-related products.

You can write about your own love of fitness and exercise, talk about illnesses and health from a doctor or medical perspective, or give actual advice with coaching to help people become their healthier selves.

5. Lifestyle


Lifestyle blogs can be anything from mommy blogs to fashion blogs, to blogs about unique living. There are tons of niches for lifestyle blogs, and most of these blogs are designed to push content.

If it’s a fashion blog they showcase the shoes and other items that are being worn, blogs about unique living can show off items that aid in that living as well.

These blogs tend to get the majority of their money from advertising, promoting products, and having sponsored content.

You can write about any type of lifestyle under the sun, and if you do it right you can bring people into your lifestyle and also get paid for it. How cool is that?

6. Food


Food blogs can show off recipes, unique foods, exotic eating, and other blogs about food and eating.

However, it does earn income from sponsored items and articles, with bloggers being paid around 200 dollars for every single post they write. It’s a great way to earn some money if you are a writer and love food!

You can write about the recipes you like to eat and use, you can combine travel and food together to talk about the exotic travels that you have taken.

You can also focus on food reviews, new recipes, or even the history of food and talking about how some of your greatest foods were made.

7. Travel


Travel blogs are another great niche that can have a variety of subtopics under them.

You might see camping blogs, motorhome bloggers, and everything else in between.

These travel blogs tend to get paid based on writing about the trips they have taken, and then they do affiliate marketing with websites such as Expedia and other travel agencies.

They can also run advertisements as well to make more money based on clicks and page views.

Why Do These Types Make the Most Money?

Online Ads

The online ads industry is expected to top $160 billion once we get to 2023, and you should always try to have advertisements on your website.

While the ads shouldn’t be imposing enough to draw people away from the content of your site or to be annoying, they can improve your chances of making money.

Affiliate Products

Customers online are spending around $861 billion. In order to make sure that you get a piece of all of that online spending, you can use affiliate marketing to connect people to products.

Affiliate marketing uses links to projects from your websites, where if people click on the link to go to the Amazon page and purchase the product, you will receive a small portion of the cart.

You can also partner with some of the popular brands in your niche, helping to increase your clout with the affiliate marketing.

Popular brands also are more likely to be bought from affiliate links.


The market for online courses will reach $325 billion in 2025, and if you have something to say to the world or something you want to teach, then a course is the best way to do it.

Not every single niche works for a course, but if you decide to teach a course, then you need to provide value for the evergreen course.

Then people can pay the cost of your course, and they can keep paying that price years after the course has completed. It’s the perfect evergreen marketing tool, and a fantastic way to slow value.

Sponsored Content

Finally, the top content niches in the blogs are always looking for people to write for them.

If these big companies sponsor you, then you can easily get paid several hundred dollars just to write an article. For longer articles and bigger topics, you can easily get paid several thousand for it.

Look around for sponsorships in your niche once you blog starts to get popular, and see how they can benefit you.

The Downside to Starting a Blog in These Niches

These niches might be the answer to the question of what are the most profitable blogs, but due to their popularity, they also come with a lot of downsides.

These niches are very profitable, and due to that, they are very popular with everyone. There are a lot of blogs in this industry, and everyone is looking out for a piece of the pie.

They are very competitive and you will need to work hard in order to have your website stand out, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying to pursue these niches.

Don’t let it hold you back, and just create something new from the niche.

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