Ezoic vs Adsense- Which Ad Platform is Better? (2023)

Considering Ezoic vs Adsense?

Running ads on your website can be one of the most passive and lucrative ways to earn an income with your blog. I’ve been personally doing this for over 12 years now and earn thousands from it. In the beginning, I used Google Adsense but recently switched to Ezoic. The question is, which is better?

Ezoic is a better platform than Google Adsense. Ezoic is a technology that tests various ad placements on your website to see which will earn you more. Google has an auto-ad feature similar to Ezoic, but it also does not work.

To see how to make both options work for you and get the most money while using advertisements on your website, look at the rest of the article!

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Which Platform Earns More Ezoic or Adsense?

Both platforms will get you the same amount of money, and how they perform will largely depend on your own blog and some dumb luck.

I’ve made over $34 thousand from Adsense over the last 12 years of ads on my website, with a 3% conversion rate. I also make around $40 for every thousand views on any page, so it works well.

I’ve been using Ezoic since May of 2020, making $2355 and about $19 for every thousand page views.

If I’d started using both advertisement services simultaneously, I would have more data to determine a clear winner. It’s unfair to compare my years-long relationship with Adsense to my months-long relationship with Ezoic.

Plus, my first blog with Adsense was a personal finance blog, so many people clicked on it to see all the advice I had given.

If the niche changes, then one platform could be better than the other. For example, a blog I owned in the industrial niche on Adsense earned me $5 for 1000 views, and that same niche with Ezoic earned me $20 per 1000 views.

So here are a few thoughts to start with…

If you’re new to blogging and doing ads, start with Google Adsense. The setup is simple, place a few lines of code on your site, and you’re good to go. The ads will do the rest.

If your blog has 5000 pageviews a month or more, consider switching to Ezoic. This platform will run various ads and help you grow your ad revenue over time. This platform takes a lot more work to get set up.

I had to have someone help me set it up, but once it was set up, it worked great.

The Differences Between Ezoic and Google AdSense

1. Ezoic is a Technology-Based Platform

Ezoic isn’t designed solely for advertisements but is a technology-based platform that works with the Google Ad Network.

In layman’s terms, it decides where you should place your advertisements on your website to give you the most effective. It also does this better than Adsense’s version of the advertisement placement.

Ezoic is another automation platform that takes some of the tedium from managing a website.

Machine learning figures out where to put the ads, the color and combination of advertisements that will get the most attention, and the size of the ads.

It takes all this data in the background and then uses it to advertise your websites.

Your users will have a much higher chance of interacting with them, and you don’t even need to lift a finger as you keep adding content and optimizing your website.

Adsense is just a platform for Google Ads to work through your website, a very simple job that it does well. It has an automation feature, but it is still a work in process and not as good as Ezoic’s version.

2. Ezoic Requires You To Pay For Top Tier Investors

Ezoic offers a one-time deal to access the top tier of investors and advertisers, but the catch is that it is one-time.

The pop-up will come up and see if you would like to access the top-tier advertisers, and you will have a choice to join.

Even with the monthly cost, I still earn an extra $30 a month just from their top advertisements, so joining is helpful.

While joining the premium advertisements is not necessary to join Ezoic Premium, you will only get one chance, and if you quit the page, you have blown that one chance.

Make sure to research the top-tier investors and see if that is the right path for you to take.

Adsense’s connections to top-tier investors might not be as good as Ezoic, but it is free, and you don’t need to make any once-in-a-lifetime decisions right away.

Instead, you can opt-in and out of the program at your leisure.

3. Ezoic is Harder To Set Up

With the usability factor in the battle of Ezoic vs Adsense, Ezoic falls behind.

It is difficult to set up, and you must integrate Ezoic into your website through a plugin or the cloud.

The cloud tends to slow websites down, and it can be very complicated for new users compared to Adsense’s ability to integrate with your website.

Adsense has a simple line of code you copy and paste into the heading tag of your website, and boom! Instant integration without any trouble for you.

If you like getting up to your elbows in code and seeing how Ezoic gets integrated by following the various steps, go for it.

For those of us whose only computer skill is copy and paste, Google Adsense will be much easier to use.

4. Ezoic has Great Support

While signing up for Ezoic and integrating it with my website was a massive challenge, I stuck around due to the customer support I received whenever I went to ask for help.

They walked me through getting the website and the ad placements all set up correctly and were very friendly and understanding as we went through my questions together.

If I hadn’t received such excellent customer support from Ezoic, I probably would have left the service right then and there. It was hard to set up, but I think the customer support stuck the landing on this one.

Adsense doesn’t have any customer support, aside from a very vague FAQ section that doesn’t give much support.

However, setting up and integrating with your website is much easier. All you need to do is paste a single line of code into your website’s header, and the integration is done for you.

5. You Don’t Need Much Traffic to Join Ezoic

Ezoic now lets you join with no requirements. They recently removed these requirements, and you can join from day 1 of your blog if you want to.

However, just because you can put ads on your blog doesn’t mean you should. It’s not going to earn you any money any faster. If anything, it’ll slow down your site and hurt your website’s page load speed.

Ads tend to slow down your site, no matter if it’s Ezoic or Google Adsense. If you’re just getting started, take the time to build up your site and bring in a few thousand visitors a month before putting ads on your site.

Which Is Better, Ezoic or Adsense?

I’d recommend that you try different things. Try Adsense for a year, see if you can make cash from your advertisements, and switch to Ezoic simultaneously.

You might see a change, and you might not, but one might start outperforming the other. You can switch back and forth as many times as you want and analyze the results as you deal with the growth of your blog and website.

While both are neck and neck, and the answer to ‘Is Ezoic the same as Adsense’ is a resounding no, I’d suggest Ezoic as the platform you should use. It has better technology, can offer you more money with its premium process, and seems to have a better algorithm that you can use.

Adsense is perfect for beginners just starting out as bloggers who want to slap some ads on their website and call it a day. However, if you have a large following and are hitting more than 5,000 page views monthly, you must capitalize on that.

My opinion could change as I have been dealing with Adsense for much longer, and if we do see a change in recommendation, I will certainly update this page with the details!

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