If you haven’t heard yet I’m in the process of starting my own membership program here at Side Hustle Academy. However starting your own membership is not something you can do without help, that’s why I’m a member of Flip Your Life.

Flip Your Life is a membership community designed to help you start, run, and grow your own membership community. With a complete A to Z course, members forum, and live Q and A webinars run by Shane and Jocelyn Sams.

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I even had a chance to meet Shane and Jocelyn at one of their live events and I was amazed at how honest and down-to-earth they were. So if you’re looking to start your own membership program keep reading.

Side Note: I am currently a member of the Flip Your Life Community and I am an affiliate of their membership. If you do happen to buy through my affiliate link I will earn a commission.

12 Point In Depth Review of Flip Your Life

Starting an online membership is a great way to earn an income online. In fact, if you’ve been following their podcast, The Flipped Lifestyle Podcast, you know that Shane often says…

All you need is 100 people to pay you $50 a month to earn $60,000 a year. – Shane Sams

And that is what makes the opportunity so amazing. I’ve been doing online side gigs for the last 12 years and nothing earns you an income faster than a recurring income.

The reason being is that you don’t have to constantly find new people to keep paying you to buy your products. Instead, you just need to find a handful of people to pay you every month to earn a serious income online.

I’ve found this to be true in my own business as well. The affiliate programs I prefer best are ones that pay reoccurring commissions because they pay month after month as long as they are a customer.

So after being a member for nearly two years I’m going to share my 12-point in-depth review of this program and why you should consider joining.

By the way, if you just want to check it out, you can sign up for a FREE 30 Day Trial by clicking here now.

1. The Dashboard

The first first thing you come to when you sign up for the Flip Your Life Membership is the dashboard.

What I like about it so much is that they have everything all laid out for you in one nice and convenient place.

  • If I want to access forums bam they are right there
  • If you want to access the courses bam they are right there
  • If you want to sign up for the next monthly Q&A bam it’s right there

You don’t have to meander through a bunch of stuff to find things. I know this because I’ve joined a lot of different membership programs over the years and wouldn’t believe how difficult some will make it to find things inside the community.

2. The Blueprint

The core part of the entire membership is the Flip Your Life Blueprint. These are the lessons and courses you need to follow in order to build a successful membership.

What I like about the blueprint is that they break things down into phases giving your an order to how things should be done. I can’t tell you how many memberships I’ve been apart of that don’t do this.

A lot of memberships will have random courses in the membership with no clear path. In fact Flip Your Life goes a step further and even breaks each phase down into multiple steps.

Now to keep this honest one downside I find to the membership is that they don’t get as detailed as I would like when it comes to setting things up.

For example, I would personally like to have more detail when it comes to setting things up in my membership where they more or less leave that up to you as the creator.

That might works if you’re using something like Kajabi which is pretty intuitive but if you’re setting your membership up on WordPress you might find it a bit overwhelming like I did.

3. Down to Earth People

When most people think of an online membership we often think about the courses, the forum, and live member calls but what about the people that run the membership?

To me, this is one of the most key and critical things to look at. Now personally I had a chance to meet Shane and Jocelyn at their last live event in Lexington, Kentucky in 2019 and I was so amazed at how down to earth they were.

When I look at investing in a course or membership I want to learn about the people who run it. So before I bought the membership I listen to their podcast, checked out their YouTube channel, and listened to recent podcast interviews of them.

The reason I do this is because I want to see if they are like me and hold my values. This shows me they are real and more importantly like me.

They aren’t showing off their big house, their Lamborghini, or how they live on a beach in Asia. No, they live in a small town in Kentucky and they have kids just like me.

4. Take it With You

Back in March of 2020 the Flip Your Life Community make a big change. They moved from WordPress to Kajabi. If you’re not familiar with Kajabi it’s an all in one platform to build a membership or sell courses and digital products.

The great thing about all of this the Kajabi platform offers a mobile app the allows you to access the membership anytime you want.

So no matter if you are sitting at the doctor’s office or on a break at work you can keep learning.

5. Community Forums

Next up is the community forums that Flip Your life offers. The forums are a great place to get your questions answered at any time you have them.

The Flip Your Life Forum gives you 5 basic areas to ask questions. The first forum is the Introduction forum. I find this a great way to break the ice and start talking to people.

The second is General Questions. This is a great place to ask all of the questions you have as you grow your membership

Third, is the Success Stories. If you have any kind of success this is a great way to share that success with others.

Fourth is the Action Pans forum. This is where you share your weekly action plans with everyone else and hold yourself accountable.

Fifth and finally, is the News and Bonuses. This is a great place to find out what’s going in the membership.

Personally, I don’t use the forum as much as I should but I plan to change that as things move forward because they are an invaluable way to get the help you need to grow your business.

6. Live Member Calls

One of my favorite parts of the Flip Your Life Membership is the Live Member Calls. This is where you get to ask Shane and Jocelyn questions on a live Zoom webinar.

On top of that all of the live member calls are recorded so you can go back and listen to them at any time you want.

So even if you can’t make it on the call you can still watch it later. They also like to do these calls at different times of the day. For example, their next one is at 3 pm on a Wednesday.

This way if you are in different parts of the world they can do it at a more suitable time for you.

7. On Boarding

The Flip Your Life Community also does a great job of onboarding members. When you’re new to a community like this it can be a bit overwhelming to say the least.

Here they show you how to get the most out of the community, introduce yourself, how to find the money and time as you’re getting started and how to get your spouse on board with your online business.

I think Shane does a really great job of easing you into things rather than hit you up with a lot of technical stuff or products you need to buy.

8. Customer Service

Customer service is also a big deal when it comes to a membership. I actually used this a few times as a member myself. The great thing about it is that they put a big orange button at the top so you can always get help if you need it.

Support is great for helping you with billing to issues with a video not working properly.

One time in particular when I switched from the old membership platform on WordPress to the new Kajabi platform they accidentally charged me for a monthly subscription.

I immediately contacted support and they took care of it for me no questions asked. So when it comes to support they are on it.

9. Going Beyond the Membership

Now if you think Flip Your Life starts and ends with a membership you are wrong. They actually go way beyond the membership.

First, they offer Membership Masters. This is a community that goes beyond flip your life and helps you grow to a million-dollar membership. Here are just a few things they offer.

  • Membership Masters Podcast – A podcast where Shane interviews the top people growing their memberships to a million-dollar business.
  • Membership Masters Newsletter – This is a paid print monthly newsletter that gives you all the latest tips and advice along with a complete monthly marketing calendar on how to promote your membership community.
  • High-End Training – They also do a high-end training package where they help you tweak your membership and grow it to a million-dollar membership.

Finally they also offer live events. As of right now they’ve only done two live events.

One in Nashville in 2018 and one in Lexington in 2019. Even if you are not a member I highly recommend this event when they offer it.

10. 30 Day Free Trial

One of the nice things about this membership is that they offer a free trial for 30 days to kick the tires and see if this is the thing for you.

This is a great way to get started and see if this is all for you or not. If at the end of 30 days you don’t like it you can cancel. However, to complete the purchase you will have to input either your credit card or PayPal details to get the free trial.

11. Refund Policy

Now you might be wondering if you sign up will you get a refund if you do pay and decide to quit and the answer is no.

According to Flipped Lifestyles refund policy, they do not offer any refunds on their monthly and annual memberships, and their trials.

Honestly I can see why they do this. If you get a free trial and haven’t made your mind up by 30 days you probably didn’t spend the time to check it all out.

So just know that upfront that they don’t offer refunds but you can cancel at anytime.

12. The Price

Finally, the last question you might be wondering is how much does all of this cost. To be honest the price does vary on a few things.

The typical going monthly price is $99 a month but if you buy annually you can get a 20% discount.

However, Flip Your Life, does run special deals throughout the year. So make sure you also sign up for their email list as well to access to those.

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